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Organizational Announcements
AEP Ohio has announced new roles for Jeff Blanton (Safety & Health), Amanda Blair (Distribution Resource Planning), Jill Adams (Forestry) and Louanna Leslie (Administration).

Posted on 6/23/2022 Comments: 2

A Quick Look at How We Lost (and Restored!) Power for 250,000 Customers
A severe weather forecast had us prepared for outages. What we didn’t expect was AEP Ohio’s biggest weather event in the past 10 years, which brought about an almost weeklong restoration effort involving 2,550 personnel.

Posted on 6/23/2022 Comments: 1
Cherie Long Named Emergency Preparedness Manager

In her new role, Long will oversee AEP Ohio’s storm response, business continuity planning and Incident Command System training. She will also lead our new Work-It-Now team.

Comments: 4 Posted 6/21/2022 1:15 PM ET
SLIDESHOW: June 13 Storm in Pictures

Lightning and 70-mile-per-hour winds brought down more than 450 poles and 2,800 spans of wire across our service territory, particularly in eastern and southern Ohio. Photos revealed the damage, plus the hard work in bringing back power.

Comments: 0 Posted 6/21/2022 8:15 AM ET
Social Media Recap Part 2: 'Last Week was Tough'

Though customers sent many messages of support, AEP’s social media team was also bombarded by threats, accusations, rampant misinformation and desperate pleas for help and transparency. The team triaged about seven times its normal caseload.

Comments: 0 Posted 6/21/2022 7:53 AM ET
Social Media Recap Part 1: Kudos for Our Crews

Many of our customers -- either without power or with recently restored power -- shared incredibly positive comments about our crews on AEP Ohio's Facebook posts in the aftermath of last week’s storms.

Comments: 0 Posted 6/21/2022 7:51 AM ET
Assistance Available for Eligible Customers

Many our customers were impacted as a result of last week's severe storms and the extremely hot weather that followed. New funding is available to help provide relief.

Comments: 0 Posted 6/20/2022 12:07 AM ET
Solar Energy: 5 Key Questions Answered

Interest in solar power is surging, and you may receive question from customers curious about this alternative energy source. Here are five common questions and how you can respond.

Comments: 4 Posted 6/15/2022 7:35 AM ET
Reminder About AEP's Policies on Firearms

Please remember that AEP doesn't allow weapons to be brought into its facilities in Ohio. Employees violating this policy will face disciplinary consequences up to and including termination.

Comments: 0 Posted 6/14/2022 10:15 AM ET
Q&A with AEP Ohio’s Retiring Storm Guru

Singer/Media Spokesperson/Emergency Preparedness Manager Dave Callahan is retiring July 6 following a 40-year career with AEP that started as a line mechanic-D at the Canton South Service Center in 1981.

Comments: 15 Posted 6/14/2022 7:10 AM ET
Heather's VOLT Diary: Building a Business Case

Presented with cost, capital, revenue stream and O&M expenses (along with reliability and customer satisfaction factors), Heather and her VOLT group took a deeper look into the decision-making process that powers AEP Ohio's operations.

Comments: 0 Posted 6/13/2022 10:05 AM ET
'This is Cool!': Lineworker Casey Ridenour Follows in His Dad's Footsteps

Casey's passion for big trucks and watching his hard-working dad, Floyd, return from hours of putting up power lines in the hills of West Virginia helped steer Casey into his chosen career.

Comments: 2 Posted 6/9/2022 7:35 AM ET

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